Are you tired of constant dieting with yo-yo results? 

Are you tired of counting calories?

Are you feeling exhausted, moody or lacking energy?


If you answered yes at least once then you are in the right place. My name is Ewa and I am a qualified professional nutritional therapist and Psychology graduate. I specialise in weight loss and I am here to help you lose weight and make you healthy. I cater to all special dietary requirements.

I hate diets! They are unhealthy, do not deliver long term results and are tough to follow! My food plans are very different to conventional diets. You will not need to count calories and there will be no yo-yo effects because my nutritional plans work with your body, not against it, by giving your body optimal nutrition and by balancing your blood sugar level which is the main cause of weight gain. My nutritional plans are based on science-based nutritional therapy which will:

  • make you lose unwanted weight
  • give you energy
  • boost your immune system
  • help you sleep
  • improve your cognitive performance
  • battle fatigue, mood swings and food cravings and most importantly

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