Goodbye, genetic determinism Post

The belief that genes control your health is long gone. Epigenetics, which is the science on how environmental signals (i.e.what you eat, drink, breath, touch, feel, do, believe, how you live and what you perceive) regulate your gene activity suggests your genes are not static, the activity of your genes are being changed by your environment and the food you eat. These shape your biology. It is fascinating to know that all the cells in your body have the same DNA code but the same DNA in different conditions result in different types of cells. This shows that we are not victims of heredity but we have power to change our genetic activity and evolve. Nutritional therapy is a powerful tool in which you can change your genetic activity.

Did you know that 10% (and some scientists say less than 2%) of human disease is a result of genetic destiny. On average, over 95% is not genetically determined. For example, according to Oxford’s pharmacology department, only 1% of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s develop the condition due to the mutations in certain genes. The rest do not have such genetic mutations which suggests the environmental factors played the biggest role in the formation of the disease.

Even if you have genes that predispose you to cancer, obesity or any other health condition, you can keep them dormant or counteract their activity by improving your nutrition, your habits, and how you live therefore changing your cell behaviour. It is refreshing to know that our fate is in our hands, or on our plates!

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