Private Consultations

I know it sounds scary, no one likes change but I am here to help and take you through this journey step-by-step. My role is to listen, support and guide you.  How do I do it?

  • Explain how your lifestyle contributes to your struggles
  • Explain how and why the new healthy food plan based on nutritional therapy works
  • Understand your goals and obstacles
  • Create a healthy food plan that are designed to make you lose weight
  • Add healthier food to your diet
  • Equip you with recipes and techniques that will allow you to cook easily prepared meals
  • Identify which vitamins and minerals you are deficient in and address them (my main aim is to make you healthy!)
  • Find out what food you like/dislike so you actually enjoy the meal I create for you
  • Cater to your dietary requirements
  • Understand your daily routine so I can plan your meals to fit your busy lifestyle
  • I work with you to build a plan that suits your needs. There is no one size fits all!

I am passionate about nutritional therapy because I know it works. It helps people and prevents disease. I want you to see the benefits of it too. This is not a quick fix; it is a new lifestyle which brings health, happiness and balance to your life. If you are ready, let’s do it!

I offer consultations mainly via email, phone or Skype. This allows me to not only help people in London, where I am based, but also people from around the world. I will also keep in touch with you between consultations to see how you are progressing.

The consultation process is divided into 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Prior to First Consultation

After booking your consultation you will be sent a questionnaire and food diary. The questionnaire will require you to complete your medical history and the food diary will record what you eat and drink for five days. Once I receive your documents I will give you a call to discuss your goals and expectations from our program. Both documents will have to be returned before your first consultation for analysis. This will give me time to thoroughly analyse your results and get more value from our first consultation.

Stage 2 – First Consultation

The aim of this consultation is to:

  • Give you a list of foods that will target your vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Give an explanation of how your eating habits and your lifestyle can contribute to your weight/health problems and how we will rectify this
  • Give you tips and techniques to overcome any obstacles that stop you from reaching your goal
  • Provide you with shopping lists, recipes and menu plans that fit your budget and your busy schedule

Again, you will be given a food diary to note all food and drinks consumed in your new diet for analysis in the follow-up consultation.

Stage 3 – Follow-up Consultation

A follow-up consultation will be scheduled at least one month after your first consultation. A follow-up consultation will review your progress and amend your personalised programme as required. I can provide more than one follow-up consultation depending on requirements.

Stage 4 – Final Consultation

Three months after the final follow-up consultation I will schedule a reassessment symptom session to see how your health has improved. I will also provide you with the session summary handout to summarise your progress, achievements and areas to focus on.