What to expect

  • If you follow my guidance and advice, there is a high chance of you seeing first results as early as in 7 days!
  • Within 7 days you will start to lose weight and gain energybelly-body-clothes-diet-53528-1
  • Within 20 days your skin will improve
  • Within 30 days you will feel like a new you
  • Within three months you will un-damage your health

This is not a quick-fix diet but a health journey which will make you lose unwanted weight steadily!

Feeling hungry? No, thank you!

You will not stick to a diet that does not satisfy your appetite and leaves you starving. I will add foods to your plan that are scientifically proven to satisfy your appetite and end your cravings.

Enjoy it with no yo-yo effect!

I hate diets that restrict you and do not include a variety of food. My approach is different. I include good fats, proteins and carbohydrates to your meals. You can eat bread, pasta and meat! There will be no yo-yo effect as your new healthy eating does not cause your metabolic rate to drop, as with a low-fat and low-calorie diet.

noodle-1303003_1280 bread-1480741_1280 food-salad-healthy-lunch  almond-21502_1280     beans-1001032_1280 salmon-dish-food-meal-46239

It’s good for your health and you will feel amazing

You probably tried diets which cheated your body. The food plan I propose is designed to work with your body, not against it by giving your body the optimal nutrition. It has no side effects and is safe. The biggest reward for you will be your improved health.

It’s easy to follow…

…that’s why you will stick to it. If a food plan is easy to follow, provides you with delicious recipes and improves your health then why would you stop? Many clients say that they don’t want to return to their old eating habits as they feel like they are not missing out! That’s when you know you have changed your lifestyle!

So let’s get started!

untitled vegetable-1235003_1280 vegetables-1578255_1280 untitled2 lentil-soup meal-932985_1280 20160423_150555 healthy-lunch-meal-fruits   sweet-and-sour-chicken-1190860_1280